Sleeping Beauty


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Junior Auditions: Backing Track and Lyrics

Senior Auditions: Character Readings

Character Reading - Nurse Penny Cillin.docx

Character Reading: 

Nurse Penny Cillin

Character Reading - Sniffles.docx

Character Reading: 


Character Reading - Princess Aurora, King Basil & Queen Rosemary.docx

Character Reading:

Aurora, King Basil & Queen Rosemary

Character Reading - Poison Ivy.docx

Character Reading:

Poison Ivy

Character Reading - Fairies.docx

Character Reading: 

Fairy Rose, Violet and Rose

Character Reading - Duck & Dive.docx

Character Reading:

Duck and Dive

Character Reading - Prince Valiant.docx

Character Reading: 

Prince Valiant

Audition Location

McKellar Education & Training Centre (METC) (Click 

McKellar Centre 

45-95 Ballarat Road, North Geelong 3215

More information: Please see the McKellar Centre - Barwon Health Map for a more detail view of how to get to the McKellar Education & Training Centre (METC). The METC is opposite the McKellar Mental Health and Wellbeing Unit, which is not included in the map.

McKellar Centre - Barwon Health Map