About Medimime Policies

Medimime has a range of policies and documents to ensure compliance with state and federal laws and regulations, to give guidance, and for internal operational processes. Current Medimime policies and documents are available below. If you have any questions or queries, please follow the contact information below.

Breach of a Policy

Medimime takes the breach of any policy very seriously. In determining an appropriate sanction for a breach, Medimime may refer to and adopt any process or sanction from the relevant Medimime policies. If you have any queries or complaints about any Medimime Policy, please contact us using the below details.


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20230630_MM Child Safety Policy V3.pdf

Child Safety Policy

20230630_MM Code of Conduct Policy V2.pdf

Code of Conduct

20230630_MM Complaints and Grievances Policy V2.pdf

Complaints and Grievances Policy

20230630_MM Disciplinary Policy V2.pdf

Disciplinary Policy

20230630_MM Diversity and Inclusion Policy V2.pdf

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

20230630_MM Health and Safety Policy V2.pdf

Health and Safety Policy

20230630_MM Privacy Policy V2.pdf

Privacy Policy

Other documents

20240307_MM Rules V4.0.pdf

Medimime Productions Inc Rules